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Sound Sleep Patch
ginger tyler
I love them!

I have been using for years, very easy to use and sleep very well with no "sleep hangover" like sleeping pills can do

Love these energy patches!

I've been using these patches for several years and they do make a difference. On day's that I feel 'off' I realize that I didn't have a patch on.
Received samples of the sleep patch and have started using them as well. They help me fall back to sleep after getting up to use the bathroom.

Works great!

Once I fixed my diet and cut out sugar and caffeine, these patches actually started to work for me! I love them, use every night.

Sound Sleep Patch
Candace Bouley
I like these

Very easy to use and off to sleep I go !


Just when you think you are getting too old to hang with the young ot maybe 2 patches and not only are you confident in staying and enjoying the evening, the next day you don't death warmed over. Love these patches

Love these

I used to doubt these but once you try them you will be a believer! These work so well. I can go out and have a great time and not worry about the headache and rough next day

Extreme Energy Patch
Abigail David
vitamin patch

Not a good product FOR least during the summer...I live in Texas...sun is beyond brutal...I work 12 acres of land for wildlife...I SWEAT A LOT...patches just slide off within 15 minutes of me stepping outside. As me again when temperatures drop.

Sound Sleep Patch
Dan Forman
These are great! No upset stomach!

I work a lot of shift work, and these patches really help me drift off,and the magnesium really has helped with muscle cramps. They adhere to skin really good, so no need to worry about them coming off! A lot better than taking magnesium pills, as there isn’t any stomach upset !

Sound Sleep Patch
Sandra Fox
Sleep patch

IT WORKS!!!!!!!

Extreme Energy Patch
Tonya Epperley

These patches are the absolute BEST! I have so much energy!

Dr. Mary Smith

I have a renewal subscription I have been trying, in vain, to terminate.

Multi vitamin

These are great for anybody that doesn’t like to take pills. I firmly believe these are helping me stay healthy.

MultiVitamin Patch

Absolutely love these Patches.
Easy to use
Dosing perfect
Im glad I found these

Life savers for sure!

I absolutely love the Hang over defense patches. I can have a great time enjoying all the adult beverages i want and wake up ready for my day the next day. Super easy to use. They also work well for regular headaches as well <3


Tried this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it did wonders for a hangover. Did not feel bad the next day whatsoever.

Patch Review

This last package of patches is very sticky. Taking them off is more like band aid. Still a great product!

Staying Well

Wear each day and I am a firm believer that it has helped me stay well. I work 50 or more hours pure week and have stayed well. Don’t care for pills so this has been great just put on each morning after showering. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Vitamin patch CBD

I luv these creams, no pills, no liquid..peal , stick, done..slow release over the day or night...

Easy, efficient, economical

Simply apply the Vitamin Patch with no need to worry about stomach upset. It is highly efficient going directly into your largest organ - your skin in a time release method. You don't need to buy a bunch of different vitamins - they are delivered just in this one patch - all your essential vitamins. Plus free shipping! For an even better deal, subscribe to save 25%. Try it - you won't go back to all those vitamin bottles again because you will feel great!

Great product

This patch is great for daily use, Whether you use for hangovers or for the Vitamins...

I absolutely Love this patch ❤️

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