I started with a 6 day supply & I noticed a big difference in my energy levels within the first hour of use. It wasn’t overwhelming just consistent. I felt great using the patches over the next 5 days & when I ran out my energy levels just were not the same. I look forward to using them more often & would recommend them highly. Thanks!
- JOE 
McKinney, TX | Realtor
In the short period of time I’ve been using the patch I’ve seen surprising results. I feel more focused, & I’m more energetic. It’s become a regular routine to look forward to “slap the patch” on every morning. In addition, I haven’t had one energy drink since I started wearing the energy vitamin patch.

Prosper, TX | Entrepreneur
Thank you for introducing me to The Vitamin Patch. It is truly amazing. I honestly feel a huge difference going about my day. After lunch I usually always needed a pick me up, some form of caffeine, then later in the day I get that crash! Not now!!! I love this product and I tell everyone I know about it!

South Lake, TX | Executive & Entrepreneur
I have always perceived myself as a doubter, not mistrusting but waiting to see proof in whatever new product or concept comes along. The Vitamin Patch was no different. Several years ago, when the 5 Hour Energy drinks came along I was hesitant and didn’t believe it would really work. A friend gave me one so I tried it. I noticed an almost immediate difference, I was more energetic, sharper, focused not to mention a little nauseous. While I didn’t crash after the five hours there was a noticeable let down, almost to the minute.Along comes The Vitamin Patch, a new concept in the consumption of Vitamins and healthier living. I was given some samples to try and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised! I was experiencing so many of the benefits of the “Energy Drinks” with absolutely none of the side effects! No nausea, no let down at hour 5 and absolutely no negative side effects what so ever! I can honestly say, I’m a fan! I look forward to finding the Vitamin Patch on the shelf, I’ll be a customer and one of their biggest fans.
McKinney, TX | Entrepreneur 
The Vitamin Patch is amazing. I have been using it for about two weeks now and really enjoy the clean energy feeling.With the Vitamin Patch there are no jitters or nauseous feelings like you get with caffeine or other supplements. Plus, the time release formula keeps my energy up all day. I don’t have the afternoon or early evening crash where I just want to take a nap.I would highly recommend it.
Las Vegas, NV | CPA
At 65 years of age I am still working as a Registered Nurse. When I would come home from work in the afternoon I would actually fall asleep while speaking with my daughter. No matter what I did I was just so tired. Once I began wearing the Extreme Energy patch I noticed a huge difference and so did my family. I’d get home from work with energy to spare! Running errands, cleaning the house, playing with my grandson, it was amazing! I never go without my patch and most days I’m telling my patients about them too!
Henderson, NV | Registered Nurse
I absolutely love my Vitamin Patch. Not only do I get the energy I need, but I also get my vitamins in. No upset stomachs or swallowing tons of pills anymore. Thank you Vitamin Patch for giving me my health back.
Venus, TX | Homeschool Mom of Two
I am a stay-at-home, work-from-home father of a very active two year old. The success of my graphic design business depends entirely on my ability to focus and get work done quickly within the small pockets of time that the little one is asleep. Unfortunately, when these pockets do arrive, I’m often so exhausted that even if I can manage to focus, I rarely feel that I’m working at 100 percent. Keeping up with my home, marriage and health, and being a resident of the often drizzly and overcast state of Washington certainly doesn’t help either. I do love all of the above, which is a boost in itself, but I won’t deny that I’ve also developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with coffee over the years. I love that it gives me some much needed energy, but hate that it comes with jitteriness, anxiety and the lack of a decent night’s sleep. I also find that it takes at least two or three cups to get me through the entire day. Not good. About a month-and-a-half ago I was introduced to The Vitamin Patch energy patches. I honestly didn’t expect much at the time, but the science made sense and it contained natural ingredients, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. The very first patch had me feeling focused and energetic. I remember wondering when the shaky-jitters would kick in like they always did with coffee, but it never happened. I just felt good, more aware, focused, and ready. And I slept so much better. I’ve used one in place of coffee every time I’ve felt I needed it since.
Kent, WA | Principal & Creative Director
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