How does The Vitamin Patch work?

Our unique time released delivery system uses your body’s biggest organ, the skin, to absorb the all natural supplements directly into your system. This topical patch delivery is able to bypass the digestive system, allowing you to get the most benefit from your supplements without the added fillers, dyes, sweeteners or preservatives. The topical patch delivery system also allows for supplements to be taken in without worry of poor taste, belching or nausea that can be caused by oral supplements.

Are the ingredients within the topical patch all-natural?

Yes, the ingredients in The Vitamin Patch topical patch are the highest quality and all natural. We use zero synthetic ingredients of any kind. You will not find fillers, dyes, binders, flavors or any other toxic ingredients.

What is the typical frequency of use?

Typically, a new patch is put on once per day or once per evening, depending on the formulation. Because the patch is time released the supplements will enter the system throughout a 6-8 hour period of time. The patch can be removed after that time frame knowing the full benefit of the path has been obtained.

Is it safe to wear more than one topical patch at a time?

Just as it is safe to take more than one oral supplement at a time, it is also safe to wear more than one formulation of a topical patch at the same time. . If you have questions or concerns you should speak with your personal physician or nutritionist about what is best for you.

Is the topical patch water proof?

No, it is not water proof. It is water resistant, meaning you can certainly work out with the patch on and if you got splashed with water in or around the area of the patch, it should still be fine. However, the active ingredients of the patch will become inactive if the patch is submerged in water such as a shower, bath tub or swimming pool.

Can my child use a topical patch?

Unless the formulation is clearly marked as a children’s formula we do not suggest placing a patch on a child. The active ingredients are designed to be used on and for individuals over the age of 12. The Vitamin Patch topical patches are incredibly safe and effective. Consulting your practitioner or nutritionist is recommended if you are taking other medications, are pregnant or nursing.

Are there any ingredients in the topical patch that can cause skin irritation?

The Vitamin Patch topical patch is free of latex, gluten and lactose. The adhesive has been tested by an independent laboratory and the results indicate that the adhesive is non-irritating and non-sensitizing to humans.

Will the Extreme formulations make me jittery?

Although everyone is different, they should not make you jittery or have the “crash” feeling that other energy products cause. Many individuals, of all shapes and sizes, have tested the formulations and have reported zero negative effects. If you have a concern or are generally more sensitive than others you can either remove the patch early, eliminating the full dose from entering into your system or you can cut the topical patch into halves and have a test run before using an entire topical patch.

How can I get the most from my topical patch?

Make certain that the area you stick the patch to is clean and free of oil or lotion. It is also best to avoid an area with hair. Given the upper body tends to move more during the day and has exceptional circulation, the arm, shoulder or chest area are easy to reach and typically good choices for patch placement.

Where can I keep my unused patches?

The original packaging will help to protect the product from damage but like all high grade supplements you will want to avoid extremely high heat or cold and keep them in a stable, dry climate.

How can I make certain I don’t run out of patches?

Within our shopping cart we have an option for automatic shipping. You are able to choose the frequency and can cancel at any time. This option also provides you with discounts not available to others.

If I’m not happy with the product what should I do?

We here at The Vitamin Patch know that our customers are the life blood of our business. Besides being Stuck on Better Health, we are also stuck on creating satisfied, lifelong customers. We are grateful you are willing to give our product a try and want you to know that if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and to the extent that you purchased patches directly from us, we are happy to refund your entire purchase price within thirty (30) days of you returning the unused portion to: The Vitamin Patch – Returns 5100 Eldorado Parkway Suite 102-293 McKinney, TX 75070 *Please include your name, address and the last four digits of the credit card or account used for the purchase. Refunds will be processed within 3 business days of our receipt of the returned product.

What is the patch made of and will it irritate my skin?

The Patch is made of a White Non-Woven polyester. The adhesive used 58 grams/meter non-sensitizing acrylic. Adhesive used is an acrylic polymer. This adhesive has been tested by an independent laboratory on humans. The results indicate that the adhesive is non-irritating and non-sensitizing to humans.


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