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The founders and executive team at The Vitamin Patch have over 70 years of combined experience in natural health, health care, business management, marketing and product development/distribution. We believe that being committed to offering top quality, all-natural supplements delivered by our proprietary, time released topical patches will increase the effectiveness of your supplements.

TheVitaminPatch’s team areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following disciplines:

» Functional Nutrition
» Metabolic Typing & Testing
» Chemistry
» Anatomy & Physiology
» Holistic & Botanical Nutrition
» Neurogistics® Nutrition
» Metagenics® FirstLine Therapy
» Nutritional Health Coaching

The Vitamin Patch Extreme Energy
The Vitamin Patch Extreme Energy

Made In The USA

While many companies rush to outsource everything from product manufacturing to customer service and packaging. The Vitamin Patch is proud to say that we manufacture, package and service our products right here in the United States of America. Our US-based manufacturing facilities contain the most relevant technology and equipment available in the industry. Our products are Safe, Effective and utilize the finest quality All Natural Ingredients.

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